Selected Investments

Decentralizing single points of failure in proof-of-stake networks

Lowering cost barriers to producing next-generation, data-powered products for web 3.0

Breaking the real-time rendering bottleneck facing streamed gaming content in hardware constrained – but high-growth – markets

Solving limitations of existing geospatial positioning and AR technologies with a proprietary “neospatial” P2P positioning system

Breaking the speed-barrier of legacy ‘secure multi-party computation’ technology to enable greater use cases for decentralized networks

Pioneering genuinely trustless delegated node operation, eliminating numerous risks in proof-of-stake networks

Breaking down digital asset liquidity silos with noncustodial, interchain DeFi built atop IBC

Unleashing the future of work with zkp-based payroll/compliance infrastructure for the pseudonymous workplace

Bringing institutional-grade scalability and usability to DeFi fixed-rate lending with an elegant double auction marketplace

Underpinning a generation of new staking business models with mission-critical observability for node operations

Dramatically expanding use cases, liquidity and capital efficiency of nonfungible staked/restaked ETH assets

Unleashing the potential of the interest rate derivative market in crypto with an innovative product (the tokenization and trading of yield)

Solving scalability limitations of existing decentralized money protocols, by combining the best of DeFi with liquidity from centralized venues

Bringing defensibility, security and interoperability to web3 domain names via ICANN (the backbone of web2 domain name infrastructure)

Enabling dApps to easily augment product offerings to offer end users one-click, high-speed, secure cross-chain transactions

Unlocking new revenue streams for live streamers (via blockchain-enabled superfan engagement tools) in the world’s fastest growing large e-sports market

Revolutionizing how users interact with all things bitcoin with a simplified, lower-cost and safer wallet + swap experience for inscriptions / BRC-20s

Supercharging new DeFi protocols’ ability to overcome the liquidity cold start problem with a novel money market model

Enabling holders of ETH to earn enhanced natural yield through cross-margin lending on Blast’s L2

Protecting ethereum L2 users, without sacrificing speed or cost savings, by focusing on security at the sequencer level

Enhancing order book quality with a novel ‘decentralized market maker’, whereby retail users supply liquidity directly to exchanges

Minimizing transaction costs, and improving trader UX with intent-centric order execution, whereby traders describe the transaction’s goal while outsourcing the method to achieve it